Religious Tolerance or War? You Choose

The leaders of all religions have to get duty to the stupidity of inter-religious intolerance. Western religions have already been specifically at fault for A huge number of years. How can any religion that promises the existence of the God believe that their God supports only their dogma, which Generally was composed by incredibly regular individuals?

Get the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and every other core religious doc that man has managed to make around the generations and they all determine the ultimate religious target as getting at 1 with God. Every one of them! Then the stupid ability hungry self interested leaders of these religions wrapped that simple fact in dogma which has only one result and that is to manage the populations they request to administer. It’s nothing at all to carry out with spiritual evolvement or relationship to God/ Goddess /Everything IS.

Faith is now a motor vehicle for electricity.

Can these stupid men and women not know that by developing division involving religions they disenfranchise substantial masses of folks As well as in doing this make the anger that is now exhibited around the globe as terrorism? And that anger will develop An additional world war. That any religion believes their God is ideal served by destroying the human race is past feeling and knowing.

I implore each wondering human being to have a excellent think about the religions you purport to assistance, whether active or not, and consider the motivations of those people who are running the circus. Exactly what are they getting from it? Most will not reside in poverty. And check out who is definitely applying their religion for monetary and political benefit.


Guy’s spiritual growth and evolution shouldn’t be determined by income and electric power. It shouldn’t be based upon who can kill much more from the opposition religion. From the time of your ridiculous Crusades between Christians and Muslims to current conflicts which aren’t Considerably various in mother nature. When will we at any time understand?

Perfectly here is a prediction for all you twits who derive political electrical power or financial get from marketing spiritual intolerance. If The existing predicament proceeds, within the following few years a spark will ignite a fire that could turn into conflagration. Significant parts of the human race will probably be wrecked by ongoing and escalating combating that could wind up in nuclear and bio-war. Europe, The us and the Middle East is going to be wrecked. The nuclear and biological fallout will wipe out at the least 90% on the human race.

Probably that isn’t this type of undesirable issue, to have a virus like the human race self destruct. At least the World can guidance the stability. Optimistically those that are still left will understand a lesson in religious tolerance, humility and unconditional like.

Arise and be counted. If you want to Stay and observe your children and grand-little ones increase and prosper, take accountability for what you are allowing for these so named leaders do for your earth. Scream from your roof tops. Generate to each newspaper and magazine you could find. Add to on-line conversations. Join groups that advertise tolerance and peace. Assistance your fellow guy. For anyone who is westerner get to know and really like your Muslim neighbors. When you are a Muslim get to understand and recognize your non-Muslim neighbors. Underneath the bluster and self-compensating egos, all gentleman and women are equivalent – and Similarly as unintelligent On the subject of faith and acceptance of their leaders.